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The Requirements of a Dial-Chin distributor 

1    The applicant must be at least 18 years old. If the applicant is an unmarried person at the age of 21, he/she must have written permission from his/her legal guardian to become a distributor. Any applicant married in community of property must have written permission from their spouse to become a distributor. Married couples wishing to become Joint Distributor must complete and sign a single Registration form for International Distributorship, thus having only one sponsor. If distributors marry each other subsequent to becoming distributors, each may maintain a separate distributorship and remain in their original line of sponsorship.
2   A company may not be a DIAL-CHIN Distributor, but individuals who are DIAL-CHIN distributors may conduct their business through a company. In this case, the distributorship must be in the individual’s name. 
3    The applicant must reside in an authorized Dial-Chin Marketing Region, and be sponsored by a qualified Dial-Chin Distributor. The applicant must also participate in the training which Dial-Chin provides.
4   The applicant must become familiar with Dial-Chin products and operating rules, and need to have enough knowledge of the company and products. This can be obtained by reading the DIAL-CHIN company manual and new products book.

5    By signing the Registration Form for International Distributorship, an applicant agrees to his/her willingness to work with other distributors towards success in the Dial-Chin Distributorship Business.
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