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Termination of Distributorship
  1. 1Voluntary Termination

Distributors wishing to resign from Dial-Chin must inform Dial-Chin in writing of their intention to do so. If a distributor resigns, he/she may only re-apply to join Dial-Chin again after one year.

  1. 2Involuntary Termination

If a distributor breaches the distribution regulations in any way, Dial-Chin has the right to terminate his/her distributorship.

    1. ᣩDeath or Incapacity

Upon the death or incapacity of a distributor, all of his/her benefits will be inherited by his or her legal heirs. Dial-Chin will transfer the distributorship to these legal heirs after receipt of all required relevant documentation. The legal heirs need to complete and sign an Application Form for International Distributorship and agree to be bound by all of the Terms and Conditions contained herein. Dial-Chins will only transfer the distributorship if all of the above mentioned requirements have been met in full.

    1. ⣩Be Violation, Penalty and Correction
If a distributor finds another distributor to be in violation of the regulations laid down for all distributors, then a warning may be provided to the distributor under question. Should this distributor then choose to ignore the warning that he/she has received (in spite of his or her awareness of the regulations that must be followed), then the distributor who is aware of the details of the violating distributor is entitled to report the matter to the Dial-Chin Group. This notification must be provided in writing and include the name, address and telephone number of the distributor who has violated the regulations, as well as , a description of the violation which is both accurate and fair. This letter should also provide the name, address and the personal details of the regulations and anonymous letters will be ignored. All such reports of distributor violations will be investigated thoroughly, and Dial-chin will provide its verdict on the matter once all parties concerned have each been given the opportunity to present their views on the matter, in writing to the company.
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